Hello YouTube World

lifeSo today I did something I have thought about doing for quite awhile but always found a reason not to just jump in and take a chance… creating a youtube video …. Scary, right?

I did it ! And it has been a learning curve for sure but it is out there albeit a very short video introducing myself and sharing a couple of cool thrifting finds. So if you would like to  check it out you can follow this link and take a peak it is only about 6 minutes. YouTubeVideo

Speaking of thrifting… I went out today with mask and gloves and it was great to just be able to do something I love again.  I also work in health care at our local hospital in the emergency room registration and even thought I do value and like what I do it has been beyond stressful. So spending time browsing and getting lost in some retail therapy was highly needed.


Take Care – Stay Strong- Let Love be Your Song

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