Sweet Sunday’s with Stella

Stella turned two on May 26th and is the sweetest most loving dog in the whole wide world. I thought I would share her sweet smile with you today because this morning with everything that is going on in our world we just need to see a friendly face. And this is one of the friendliest face you will ever see.

This morning I took Stella for a walk at 7 am and the town was beautifully quiet, except for the birds (we saw three baby cardinals playing-amazing) and squirrels were out in full force(they run this town). I have always wanted to live in a town like the one I live in now and have for six years.The word  bucolic popped into my mind as I was thinking about how much I enjoy perfect mornings like today as Stella and I were walking. It reminds me of Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls.

But the reality today is that our Fleet Farm, Target and Wal-Mart have closed and are barricaded in preparation of expected protesting. I live in a town with a population of less than 30,000 and we have been put on notice that protestors from Chicago plan to protest in our town.  I am all for protesting and peaceful assembly but I have this unease and concern for the small business owners who have already loss so much during covid-19. I am aware that there are injustices that need resolution for the long term and that here is no quick fix.

When I arrived back home with Stella tired and a little sweaty I am overwhelmed with gratitude. I am grateful for this beautiful Sunday and the perfect weather. Which in Minnesota I have learned you don’t take a beautiful day for granted. As I take Stella’s harness off I stop and say a prayer for all ~ for those who are protesting , those who serve and protect, for those who are grieving and those who are comforting. Praying for your safety, healing, peace of mind, and comfort during these very difficult days.

Stella’s Sends Her Love To You All~

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