We’ve Come Undone

I live in Minnesota and work in healthcare in a small town less than an hour away from the Twin Cities and it is heartbreaking to watch these scenarios play out time and again. Please pray for all who are living through this and know that there is no … all bad , all good… or always… we are to complicated for boxes and the officer or officer’s who keep getting away with injustice and abuse of power must be brought to Justice — Now! Otherwise people have a right to protest and demand that justice but they do not have the right to steal and destroy other people’s lives, adding to the fire does not make for justice being served.

man wearing gas mask standing beside store facade
Photo by Oscar Chan on Pexels.com


Pressed in Place

To Keep us Safe

A Man’s Life


Breathe Silenced

Rage Rampages

Fear Escalates

Riot’s in the Street

Cries for Justice



Two Crimes

Don’t Make a Right

We’ve Come Undone

Again and


Burning Down

Black and White

Build it up

Phoenix Rising

Hope In Color

Hate Ends


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