Talk to Yourself

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There is enough negativity, criticism and fear being spewed into our world. Let’s join together and repel it with pro-active truth and clean up some of the toxicity. Healing begins with what we think and speak. So let it begin with how we speak to ourselves.

Repeat After Me —-

I AM Strong and Healthy! My beautiful internal organs are vital and in perfect working order.

I AM youthful, strong and well able to do all I want and need to do! My youth is renewed everyday!

Body, Mind and Emotions I speak to you with Love and Grace! I AM so thankful for all you do everyday so my Spirit/The Holy Spirit/Life Force/ can continue you this beautiful sometimes complicated, journey and enjoy life fully.

I AM So Grateful that I AM Wonderfully Made

I AM Happy and Free-I AM Living a Rich, Abundant, Glorious Life!!

Today is the day my Creator God Has Made and I will Rejoice and be Glad!!

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