Sacred Intimacy

Several weeks ago the words “Sacred Intimacy” popped into my thoughts and with it the full blown understanding of what it is and how important it is. Because of the word sacred you might attribute a religious connotation. I do think that religion clearly set’s boundaries to protect the sacred intimacy of the individual but I think we interrupt more as rules to follow, rather than boundaries of protection of our sacredness.

But here is the what and the why…

You are an individual, irreplaceable, there is no one like you and you are a sacred creation.

When we are violated at any age the sacredness of true intimacy is wounded and replaced by shame. Which causes fear, quilt, and disconnection from ourselves.

Shame replaces Sacred- So then we do not value the sacredness of our temple, instead our bodies become a source for short term pleasure, like a drug or a tool to earn money, like a piece of machinery. But when we devalue our temple because of abuse or personal choices, we sever our connection to our spirit and our day to day lives become less and less meaningful, hopelessness sets in, laced with regret and disconnection and denial drive our daily lives and decisions are made from a survival mindset.

I don’t believe we have to live like that and I do believe the damage can be reversed and we can restore our divine connection with ourselves one day at a time, one loving act at a time.

I would like to think there are a few rare souls in the world who may truly understand what sacred intimacy looks and feels like. But I don’t think I have personally met any of them.

We have allowed our sacredness to be annihilated through what we watch, listen to, and the secrets we keep.

Valuing ourselves by loving and caring for our body, mind, emotions and spirit… is the beginning of sacred intimacy with our selves… Because to really love anyone else … we must first love who we are.

To hold yourself as a sacred, uniquely created being that deserves the very best food, care, physical activity, work you enjoy, and not compare yourself to anyone else, because honestly there is no comparison… you are an original made in the image and likeness of a loving creator.

And I think it is important to understand that if you are violated and abused that does not mean you deserved it or did anything to cause that to happen. You are not guilty and you should not punish yourself for the choices and actions of someone who should be held accountable for their actions.

But the fact is in order to heal there must be forgiveness. It is the hardest place to begin but it will begin the process of learning to love your beautiful self and hold your life as the sacred gift that it is.

You are fearfully and wonderfully made, this I know.

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