Needing a Space

A place to come undone – So I came back to where I began

To myself – Alone

I was gone to long

Forgetting why I begun

The rhythm gone

A song with out purpose

With No one to sing along

You will find here a strange assortment of random words and rhythms. If you like please visit as often as you want. I have been away from here and my mind aches from words unsaid. My day job is in healthcare and although I am not a hero by any means. I sit behind monitors in a business office, I too feel the weight of the times we are all in. I admit I have chosen to tune out of news land for sanity and preservation. No one needs that daily incessant dose of negativity. But for the last week I have awakened with a feeling of physical and mental frustration. My books go half finished the ones I read and write. This feeling of anxious almost tilting to anger has taken me by surprise. I have had so much change– New job, new town, new home… Downsized considerably my children are grown and I am singularly alone in my world outside of work. I have to find a way to connect, to release the prose, to be a speck in humanity with a small small voice. I used to splash what I write on facebook and instagram but I don’t feel the desire to do that anymore. I don’t think I care if or who reads what I write…. Maybe I deeply desire that the ones it will touch, encourage, edify, or resonate will be led to it, and find it intuitively. I figure I pay for this little speck of internet space I might as well use it and hopefully it will help me or you.

Peace and Love

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